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The Best Looks from Paris Fashion Week PT. 1

Paris Fashion Week is a breath of fresh air for what’s about to come in the next few seasons…

The Best Looks from Paris Fashion Week PT. 1
Taakk, SS23

This week is a big one. And that’s because Paris Fashion Week for menswear is June 21st - June 26th for the spring/summer. Tons of brands have blown it out, being one of the more rememberable season debuts in a while.

Of course, your typical Diors and Louis Vuitton’s smashed their shows (Kendrick performed at Louis) but this breakdown of my favorite looks isn’t about those brands. I’ll be showing you under-the-radar brands that you may not be familiar with, and what my favorite looks from those collections were giving you a front-row seat for these catwalks.

Louis Vuitton SS23 Show:


One of the more interesting fashion houses out there, Taakk is the birthchild of artist Takuya Morikawa. Morikawa worked under Issey Miyake (closely worked with Hubert de Givenchy) for about 8 years. He launched this brand in 2013, focusing on specific materials, processing, and colors - all created with an artisan lens.

Taakk SS23, WWD

What I love about this collection is the color expression. And the use of textures. This is a brand that’s not widely known, so for Paris Fashion Week the Taakk label had to go massive. Morikawa defines this collection as an “unrealistic reality...” - his goal is to rewrite the codes of a masculine wardrobe.

“Things without purpose are unnecessary, and we must question whom the purpose is addressed to. We should question and face ourselves every day, neatly seeking the right answers. I believe repeating this practice will build the outlook for the future.”

Taakk SS23, WWD


Basscoutur was a brand I came across that I was pleasantly surprised with. And with fashion changing, Basscouter is exemplifying the environmental times were in. Guided by recycling, the brand deconstructs existing products, reproduced them, and gives recycled items meaning through their unique process.

basscoutur ss23
Basscoutur SS23, WWD

For Raidh Trabelsi, this is an IRL debut at a Paris Fashion Week. The collection is labeled “NoExpiration” using headstock fabrics and repurposed garments with no direction. He chooses to let the fabrics be the star, whatever they may be.


Namesake is founded by three brothers and their father - and is known to be a dialogue between generations. Taking their experiences from Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Seattle, they present a sporty yet heritage look that really exemplifies the style between them all.

namesake ss23
Namesake Family, WWD

With this specific collection, they took on surf culture - with references from dark chapters in their lives. One of the brothers, Micheal, had a breakdown due to body and self-esteem issues and the family rallied to help.

“We nurtured him back to health and we are trying to bring back the idea that we are brothers, and we are each others’ lifeguards,” Steve told WWD.

Bianca Saunders

Bianca Saunders is taking on the tough task of blending tradition and modernity along with masculine and feminine looks. And she’s doing an unreal job. New to the space, she launched her first legitimate label in 2021. And she takes inspiration from her British and West Indian backgrounds, bringing cross-cultural references into a modern evolution.

Bianca Saunders SS23, WWD

With this collection, she pushed settle experiments with her clothing construction. Using drapes, making dress shirts, pants, and trenchcoats stiff in the front, and flimsy-looking fabrics layering with corduroy and unique dyes. And the show had a very 70s retro look, sticking to what past seasons and current trends look like.

Bianca Saunders SS23, WWD

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June 27, 2022

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