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The Case For Men's Thermal Underwear

It's cold outsideeeeee. Just in time to stock up on base layers to keep you warm this winter.

The Case For Men's Thermal Underwear

Uniqlo →

Uniqlo has a robust selection of thermal gear. At very favorable price points. Their HEATTECH technology allows items to be thin and light. That's because the fabric creates heat from your body moisture. They've got every type of thermal item under the sun. Like base layer crewnecks to long johns and thermal socks.

These items are very lightweight. So they're great for layering, but not standalone. So keep that in mind when you're shopping around (depending on the activity).

Smartwool →

Smartwool was made for winter and the extreme cold. They're completely dedicated to the craft from every angle. What I love about this brand is its transparency around its social impact. They even have a full-scale roadmap to be fully carbon neutral, providing you with every detail possible about how they're going to get there.

They've perfected incorporating merino wool into all of their products. Whether you're snowboarding, running or anything activity in between, every item is geared to your winter adventures. It can be pricey, but they offer 15% for first orders.

Patagonia →

I mean. It's Patagonia. You know the deal with these folks. Their Capilene fabric technology is one of a kind. A moisture-wicking product that drys fast, and keeps you warm. They have every type of men's baselayers possible. From thermal pants, long underwear, and henley's - you can't go wrong shopping from their collection.


I've featured CDLP before. And they're still one of my favorite brands out there. Extremely luxurious, and perfect for lounging. Their performance base layer leggings and long johns are made from silk, but still, boast the thermal tech that you need for the cold. If you're looking for something on the stylish side, CDLP will never disappoint.


SAXX completely rethought the approach to men's underwear. They were sick in tired of underwear chafing, and uncomfortable fits. With their BallPark Pouch technology, they've created some of the best performance base layer items out there. They have more than just underwear. Long sleeve shirts, base layer bottoms, t-shirts... they have 'em all. Perfect for any of your cold weather needs.

Carharrt →

If you're looking for brand name stuff, can't go wrong with the American classic workwear brand. They don't have a huge selection of thermal wear, which was surprising after I did my research. But they have very favorable price points. So you won't break the bank shopping there. Most of their selection contains heavyweight and wool base layer items, so it's specific to more extreme cold weather activities. If you're looking for items that are lightweight, you may want to look elsewhere.

Mack Weldon →

Another brand that I featured before, Mack Weldon is on the top of the mountain for men's underwear. At the moment, they only have long johns. But they plan on expanding their WARMKNIT tech into their other items. Right now, if you're looking for simple, comfy, and cost-friendly long underwear, I'd highly recommend what Mack Weldon has to offer. Be sure to keep an eye on their future WARMKNIT releases.

Duluth Trading Company →

We know their famous commercials. The American workwear brand touts cost-friendly cold weather items. They've got a good selection of base-layer pants that are super cheap. And you get an extra 20% off on all their items right now. They've got a couple of fleece-lined items too, but I'd stick to their thermal pants and shop elsewhere for t-shirts, etc...

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March 28, 2022

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