☝️ My dirty little secret... online thrift stores and vintage clothing shops

AND: Kyrie, Supreme and Sherpa hats

I'm telling you, there's nothing like finding vintage items at a secondhand shop. Especially when you’re lucky enough to nab some Gucci or Louis Vuitton at the local Goodwill. But finding secondhand clothes at consignment shops can be a serious pain. Who has the time to comb through all that shit?

You're probably asking - well there's eBay, Etsy, thredUP, and Poshmark, so I wouldn't even do that in the first place. And you're probably right. But you're competing with millions of other users who are doing the same with a limit on inventory.

So where do you go for high-end resale items online? I scoured the nets and found some cool online marketplaces where you can find some vintage pieces without the headache.


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The Wav Room was founded in 2016 as a creative escape from hectic, everyday life. Through a passion for both music & artwork, their founders began creating soundwave art based on their favorite musical works. The mission of The Wav Room is to provide you with unique, hand-crafted soundwave prints - to elevate your space and properly represent your love for your favorite musical works of art.

Check em' out →

Depop →

Depop is one of the more unique online boutiques. It isn't exactly an online vintage consignment store. And that's because the marketplace boasts recrafted items by its sellers. It's a perfect place if you're looking for unique items that are one of a kind. You may find some high-end designer items, but it's tough because that's not what the marketplace specializes in. If sustainable fashion is your thing, you'll love the selection.

True Vintage →

True Vintage is in a league of its own. It's one of the best online thrift stores out there. Their sourcing process is amazing and everything is pre-vetted before it shows up in the store. You can find designer brands and luxury items like YSL, Christian Dior, and more. All at extremely affordable price points.

Beyond Retro →

Beyond Retro is another killer store with a massive collection of high-quality vintage items. Similar to True Vintage, everything is hand-picked before it shows up in the store. They have old clothes that even date back to the 60s, making it feel like a fancy garage sale. You won't find a lot of name brands here, so be aware before you shop.

Ragstock →

If you're on a budget and looking for low-cost secondhand items, you should check out Ragstock. You'll find affordable sweaters, jackets, and coats with prices that won't break the bank. And they have a pretty vast collection that'll keep you scrolling and adding to your cart.

Tradesy →

Tradesy is one of the more expensive online thrift shops. They have a major selection of coveted designer clothing. There's a limited selection for men but check the site often because they're always adding new items daily. And you'll be lucky enough to find Prada, Burberry, and others hanging around in the store.

Thrifted →

Thrifted is a great vintage store. They've got a ton of items that most stores don't have... especially a huge selection of jackets, coats, and other rugged items. Their clothing store is robust and updates their collection daily with brands like Carhartt and Nike.

97th Vintage →

97th Vintage has a massive collection. Especially if you're looking for brands like Adidas, YSL, and Nike. It's a little pricier than some of the other shops listed here, but you can still find affordable items rather than paying full retail prices.

ASOS Marketplace →

ASOS has always taken flak for being one of the leaders in fast fashion. So they took it upon themselves to create a marketplace specifically designed to highlight reworked boutiques. If you really care about sustainability but still want to shop at the low prices that ASOS carries, then the online store is a great place to find boutiques that are selling items at an affordable price range. Highly recommend.

🧢 Sherpa cap → Operating from their woodshop in the heart of Brixton, London, Satta Skates handcrafts rad skateboards inspired by the classic boards of the late 60s and 70s.

👕 White tee → Grocery x Adam Lister basketball card series SS t-shirt

👕 Carhartt tee → Aptly named Meatloaf T-Shirt is a cheeky favorite from the workwear label’s cold-weather collection, boasting a graphic depicting a cafeteria tray filled with a less-than-desirable assortment of foods.

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Wall print → Kitchen pop fries red art print

Planter → Live Snake Laurentii plant with modern pot

Blue mug → Blue clear cactus mug, handworked and handmade

the path to somewhere, @nataliebarron

ACRONYM Fall/Winter 2021 Drop 2

Evangelion x UNDERCOVER Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Kanto Starter Charizard CHAR FACE HOODIE Release

IISE x BYBORRE INSIDE Fall/Winter 2021 Capsule Collection

Pokémon Trading Card Game 25th-Anniversary x HYPEBEAST Collection Release

Supreme Fall/Winter 2021 Week 9 Drop

Evangelion x © SAINT M ×××××× “Saint Shinji” Crewneck Sweater Release

Palace Winter 2021 Week 2 Drop

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