❄️ Winter fashion trends you should be on the lookout for [2021]

AND: Inner jackets, leather and Après Ski

Welcome to issue #048. Even though fall fashion is in full swing, it's never too early to seek out what winter trends will look like (and how they'll be different from fall outfits). This year, brands have taken it upon themselves to continue the 90s/street style/casual/pandemic trend into the winter. We're seeing outerwear that's oversized, 90s sweater vests, new takes on boots, and much more.

Check out some of my favorite trends to be on the lookout for this winter.


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It's often the things that set us apart, that bring us together. With an ethos of presenting clothes that strike the eye of like-minded individuals who have a taste for boldness and originality.

The brand 'bound' was founded in 2018 in the UK, with the motive to bridge the gap between contemporary wear and streetwear.

With the use of premium materials, patterns, and carefully measured fits, their style will continually progress through boundaries and develop. Each item is leveled with detailed craftsmanship, fully custom cut & sewed to make every wear feel original.

Check em' out →


The causality of the 90s has made its way over into business wear. And I'm loving the approach to classic polos. Some of the biggest brands have shelled-out knitted polos with an oversized feel. It contains a few elements that we love from the classic polo shirt, like point collars and plackets. And they've winterized the look by using heavy cashmere in a softer cable knit construction. It's more comfortable while adding a street-style flair. Making it one of the best winter items you can add to your closet.


Kick those snow boots aside, because the poorly tasted Welly is the talk of the town this winter. Fashion week heavyweights like Valentino and Balenciaga transformed the rubber boot into one of the winter wardrobe must-haves. And the winter boots have more range than they've had in the past, which is perfect depending on your outfits and taste. If you want knee-high boots, or prefer them sitting at your ankle, they've modernized the classic boot for every scenario.


The trench coat is nothing new when it comes to cold weather. But the classic coat comes back with a twist. More voluminous linings, larger-than-life flaps, and buckles, but still going back to the basics for the outerwear piece. Some of the best trench coats can be found at Louis Vuitton since Virgil Abloh made this a signature item at his recent fashion shows.


It doesn't surprise me that sweater vests have made this list. The classic knit sweater made famous by shows like Friends can be a great item to add to your closet. Especially for layering your winter outfits. So throw out that cardigan, you won't need it with brands like Hermès and Prada making it their premier item at their recent fashion shows. 


Back when the briefcase was relevant it made sense. No tech, no computer in your pocket. So brands like Fendi have recognized the tech world we live in. At this point, do you even need to carry a wallet? What I love about the tiny man bags is that they go with literally everything. From a hoodie to a blazer, you can be confident in your winter style if you add one of these to your accessories arsenal.


Rollnecks have always been a staple in winter closets. But what's different about this season is how it's being worn. The oversized and chunky turtlenecks are being paired with chunky knitted polos and other out-of-the-ordinary items. And this time around their more colorful and contemporary than years past.


I've never really been a leather kind of person. But because of the rise of faux fur and leather, we're starting to see classic New York looks to come out of the dark. A ton of brands have made leather the forefront of their winter designs. And it's not just leather jackets. Pants, trench coats, and so many other items have been leatherized by Loewe and Prada. If you're looking for outfit ideas with some uniqueness, don't sleep on the leather trend.

🧦 White socks → Off-White™ is a streetwear label founded by DJ and fashion designer Virgil Abloh best known for its graphic-heavy range of apparel, all of which are often emblazoned with the company’s now trademark stripes, iconic cross and arrows motif as well as script branding.

👕 Purple shirt → Founded in 2015 by celebrity Jaden Smith, MSFTSrep is taking a new creative venture to take its street brand to another level.

🧥 Inner jacket → Gramicci has pioneered innovation in the outdoor industry for well over 30 years.

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Lamp → Fully handmade and one-of-a-kind, noodle lamp

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