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7 Men's Cologne Dupes [Smell Nice For Less Than Twice The Price]

Peep your bathroom cabinet. Bet you a dollar you’ve got some nice cologne on its last legs. Was I right?

7 Men's Cologne Dupes [Smell Nice For Less Than Twice The Price]


Dossier is in a league of its own. The new and upcoming brand has developed a dupe system with high-quality perfumes without the jaw-dropping price tag. They bring you iconic men’s cologne; like Tom Ford, Chanel, and Creed. The best part is it’s the same luxe scent and still has that high-quality feel.

Because of the lack of celebrity endorsements and crazy markups you can get some high-end shit for only $29+.

You don’t even have to decide what works for you. Take the simple quiz and you’ll find out. If not, hit the full catalog to find out what dupes they’ve got and seen if your favorite luxe cologne is on there.

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Hawthorne took it upon themselves to create a fully custom system depending on your taste and liking. They’ve created a comprehensive quiz that perfectly tailors their scent products to your liking. After building a data set from hundreds of thousands of customers - their algorithm helps define the perfect products based on your body chemistry and lifestyle.

If you’re not happy, they’ll even retailor them for free. Although it doesn’t cost over $200+, it will run you around $100 - so keep that in mind before you start shopping for custom cologne at Hawthorne.

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Duke Cannon is really set up for the hard-working man. To make superior quality products, they’ve tested them with military folk and fully make their products in the USA.

If you’re out in the field a ton… in the beating heat - Duke Cannon’s solid cologne is perfect for you. It’s a concentrated blend so you don’t have to mess with sprays. It melts in your figure tips to allow perfect application. And they can go anywhere with you; drop it in your bag, in your cup holder, wherever!

And it’s made with vegan ingredients, so it won’t leave your skin with a tacky feel.

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Scentbird has taken a completely different approach to providing luxury scents. Built off a subscription model running only $15.95 a month, you can choose from their long list of best sellers. From Prada to Versace, Cartier…. they pack it in these sleek refillable cases holding roughly 140 sprays each.

This perfect for someone who wants luxury scents, but is not sure what they like yet. You can swap them out every order - giving you the ability to sample colognes across all spectrums.

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Solid colognes have really made a footing in the fragrance industry in the last few years. And Fulton & Roark are leading the charge.

With an award-winning take on the finest traditional spray colognes - they’ve reimagined them in a sleek, modern, and travel-friendly format. They take a different approach; working backward by developing a product from the desired scent. They spend hours researching optimal levels of scents to make it more enjoyable which has them touting “Product of the Year” from GQ and Men’s Health.

The best part is that you can try their men’s cologne sampler for only $20 bucks before you jump in. If you’re not into sprays, Fulton & Roark might be just for you.

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Dr. Squatch has, probably, one of the funniest marketing campaigns out there. But don’t let their humor fool you. They’re the real deal.

Mostly known for their soap bars, they’ve taken it upon themselves to attack the boring name brands who are tossing the word “natural” like it’s actually natural….

Using essential oils to produce their colognes really gives you a rise above the standard fragrance. It gives you a very earthly feel and lasts a super long time. And for the price tag of only $21 bucks?? You can’t beat it.

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7. ALT

Similar to Dossier, ALT takes it upon itself to develop alternatives to the most famous fragrances in the world. They’ve made it their mission to develop products that people will love at a price they can afford.

They work closely with the same fragrance developers as the big brands to recreate the aroma of several bestselling designer colognes out there. And it’ll run you less than $50 bucks.

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March 27, 2022

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