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What's in Style: Crochet

The perfect item to add to your summer wardrobe

What's in Style: Crochet

Why Crochet is in style and where you can find some unique items…

I’ve taken a liking to crochet items recently. And that’s most likely because it’s going to be one of the hottest summers on record, and I’m looking for any way to style myself uniquely while still staying cool.

But I noticed that it was hard to find crochet items that weren’t for women (like bralettes, crop tops, etc...). And most brands aren’t on this, so you’re not going to find crochet knits at your regular stores and online shops. I’m still feeling the retro vibe so I figured... hey If I’m trying to look for them and having trouble, y’all would be interested in having a quick guide on how to find them.

A lot of this stuff can be found on Etsy and other shops that have DIY makers. I tweeted about this, and I believe new styles in the future will come directly from artists themselves.

Here are some inspirations and places you can shop at to find really unique crochet items for Summer and late Fall this year...

Milan Fashion Week SS22, Hypebeast

Inspirations and Looks…

Crochet Tops

Some of my favorite items are Crochet tops, specifically button-ups. And that’s because they’re extremely versatile in that you can pair them with all kinds of items in your closet that you have now (white tanks, t-shirts, etc…). What’s also great about crochet tops is that you can get away with long sleeves during the summer, because of the knit and how breathable they can be.

Valentino, SS21

Tank Tops

Tapping into retro looks here, crochet tank tops are a great addition for a summer night out. It’s a little bold, but if you’re comfortable with your body you can definitely swing this look and add a 70s vibe to your wardrobe.

Sleeveless and V-Neck

I know what you’re thinking. V-Necks bro?? Come on now. But we know that sweater vests for the spring season we’re a must item this year. And when you pair that with crochet top patterns you get a very unique look. I’d add this to the same category as tank tops because this also gives you a 70s aesthetic if that’s something that you’re looking for.

Sandro Spring 22'


BoHo isn’t just for outdated millennials decorating their house. BoHo actually works for crochet tops. And that’s because the colorways, neutral and clay patterns, work really well for what’s in season this summer and look dope on crochet items.


Where to buy


Etsy is such a sleeper when it comes to getting clothing items. Folks put their life and soul into the products that are made there, and they produce really quality items. One of my favorite stores for crochet items is Bhavacrafts. They specialize in only crochet items, so they’re experts. And they have this short sleeve shirt that’s oozing summer crochet swag.


Urban Outfitters

I’ll be honest, I haven’t shopped at Urban in a really long time. And after perusing their site for the first time in a while, I was asking myself why haven’t I? Their homemade brand BDG has a few crochet items for the summer and they aren’t priced badly at all. And the colors they have are pretty damn versatile. Definitely worth adding to your wardrobe.



After Topman got bought by ASOS, I was hesitant to continue buying items from them. But they haven’t skipped a beat on the styles they have been dropping. And ASOS has actually made Topman a little more cost-friendly than they used to have.


One of my favorite places to buy luxury items, HBX had a few cool crochet hats from Casablanca. And if you have a couple of extra bills to spend, they are perfect for a trip to Miami, or a day at the beach in LA. They don’t have much more than that, so you’ll likely have trouble finding other crochet items on the site.


Over the last year or so, Zara has really stepped up their styles and the products they’ve been putting out. And they have a few crochet items, like polos, that I'll definitely be adding to my closet for this summer.


Bode has been on the rise for the last few years, and I love the lace and patterns that they put into their products. They have perfect summer tops or pullovers, whether you live in a humid region or even if you live in a super dry state. But it’s on the expensive side, so if you want to budget, I’d suggest going with the brands above.

Looking forward to seeing how you feel about crochet items after today’s newsletter. I’m officially making it a staple in my wardrobe this summer, and I hope you do too.

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June 14, 2022

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