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The Top Vegan Clothing Brands And Affordable Sustainable Clothing

It can be hard to find vegan-friendly brands that work for you. Processes are still in the works, but I've found some great ones that are worth checking out.

The Top Vegan Clothing Brands And Affordable Sustainable Clothing


Kuyichi →

Their journey started in 2000 in Peru, South America. The founders of Kuyichi were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the pollution and the poverty they saw. They started collaborating with local cotton farmers, started a cruelty-free process, and involved farmers in the supply chain. With their hard work, they've stimulated them to produce fair and organic cotton. They've got a wide range from jeans to loungewear.

Pact →

Pact has taken organic cotton seriously. Dubbed "Earth's Favorite," they've partnered with cotton farms to protect the health of soil, ecosystems, and people by using a natural farming process. And their products are super soft. You'll find some of the best ethical clothing, hoodies, and loungewear products.

MonkeeGenes →

MonkeeGenes was born out of the frustration of the denim market. They aim to create ethical fashion denim. And they work extremely hard with their factories to completely minimize their environmental impact.

Dedicated →

Touting themselves as a vegan streetwear brand, Dedicated is making a name in the fashion industry. And for good reason. They realized that there weren't sustainable fashion brands that carried flavor and uniqueness. They've got every item under the sun. And if you're into unique brands, Dedicated is worth checking out.

Brave Gentleman →

Brave Gentleman is somewhat of a vegan luxury. Using faux leather products, they've created extremely high-quality products for menswear. It's pricy, but if you got the cash to bill it, cop some products from the award-winning brand.

Bleed →

Using Tencel-made products (which is a regenerated fiber from eucalyptus), Bleed has been a pioneer in using regenerated materials. This vegan fashion brand has made it a mission to create lifestyle products that can easily integrate into your normal life.

Ecoalf →

When we talk about the best cruelty-free products out there made with vegan materials, you can't skip out on Ecoalf. From vegan bags, suede, footwear, and more, they've taken sustainability to new heights with their unique product set. They've made it personal to attack fast fashion. And I'm digging it.

Mud Jeans →

Jeans made of mud. I'm kidding. But if you're looking for jeans for the fall, then don't sleep on Mud Jeans. They've got their own "Lease A Jeans" system where you can send them back, they'll recycle em', and send you a new pair.


Corkor →

Finding the right sustainable materials can be extremely difficult. So Corkor took it upon themselves to create wallets and other items using recycled cork. If a wallet is still something you carry around, feel good knowing it's made out of cork.


GRÜNBAG takes eco-friendly vegan bags to another level. With a streetwear vibe, you'll love some of the uniqueness they bring to the bag space. Made from plastic bottles and recycled polyester, your bag will be the talk of the town.

Jord →

When I came across Jord, I was pleasantly surprised. These watches are dope. And that's because they have a high-quality luxury feel. One of the main products is a watch made from coffee. Yup you heard that right. COFFEE. They've also got Apple Watch bands too if you're not into a traditional watch.

Bhumi →

Why not bring low-impact products into the bedroom? This Australian brand creates ethical vegan products for all types of home accessories. Like bedding, sheets, sleepwear... all from premium organic cotton.

Solios Watches →

This USA-made watch is a unique one. Solar-powered, no single-use plastic, and animal-free, you'll feel like you just saved a rainforest when you put these on. And maybe you did! Since they've already protected 916 acres and counting.


NoSaints →

One of my favorite vegan shoe brands out there, No Saints is coming in hot. They've got a streetwear vibe that's turned into an awesome consumer brand made with eco-friendly materials.

Will’s Vegan Store →

Will's Vegan Store is another great shoe brand that is highly focused on creating biodegradable products for your feet. They've got boots, sneakers, trainers, the works. Add this store to your staples... especially for the fall season.


BANGS shoes is a little brand that's making big moves. The design has been derived from simple work boots, and they support entrepreneurs around the world who make sustainable fashion products.

Malibu Sandals →

Malibu Sandals doesn't consider itself a fashion brand. And that's because they aim to support the individual, rather than the moniker "shoes make the man." They make vegan-friendly huaraches out of Los Angeles, California that you can't sleep on if you've got a little summer left in you.

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March 28, 2022

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