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What's in Style for Summer 22'

Knits, Dior, New Balance, and much more!

What's in Style for Summer 22'
Reuben Oliver

What’s in style for the summer and the stuff you’ve got to get your hands on…

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what you’re summer outfits should look like, I’ve got the fashion trends for menswear that you’ve been looking for. If you guessed sportswear would be the talk of the town for summer wardrobes... you were somewhat right.

I was inspired after coming across a few brands, like Reuben Oliver. I did notice that linen, twill, and even cashmere were some of the items at the top of the list for men’s summers this year. You’re probably thinking, WTF? It’s going to be hot as shit in those. But a ton of the items I’ve seen are lightly stitched and breathable. What was also trendy was neutral colors. And that’s far and away from what the last seasons have been, which were pastels with a streetwear focus.

soiree aime leon dore
Aime Leon Dore, New Flagship London Store, Neutral Colors

We’re still seeing retro make its appearance in summer styles, with a focus on distressed t-shirts and much more.

Check the style guide below for the summer season...

Knits, Knits, and more Knits

Knits aren’t just for preppy styles anymore. And Reuben Oliver is one of my favorite brands that are doing this really well. It’s a plant-based knitwear brand based out of NYC that’s manufactured in Lima, Peru - known as one of the leading countries for sustainable and quality materials.

Taking a page out of Patagonia’s book, Reuben Oliver is tackling the textile industry of old, and focusing on how we treat our skin with the fibers we wear. And it’s all with a historic Artisian approach...

Directly from their About Us page:

Knitwear is the youngest craft among spinning and weaving in the world. To date, the range of creativity that can be expressed through the art form is unmatched. Reuben Oliver represents a progressive reintroduction to this craft, building off of historic techniques, while also introducing newfound processes to explore never before seen designs. However, true quality and detail in knitting relies heavily on those charged with crafting the product. Our artisans represent some of the most skilled in the world creating both innovative and timeless garments.

Back to being manufactured in Peru... the fibers are harvested along the northern coastal valleys. The environment is so unique that it’s been deemed one of the world’s few “megadiverse ecosystems.” That’s a summer fashion trend I’d like to be a part of.


Chunky sandals are nothing new, but brands have fired it up a notch for this summer. And I’ve got some of the best ones that are on the way out, fresh out of the lab.


Adidas rolled out a new slide that’s not even on their site yet. And Twitter blew up. It’s called the “Adilette” and it’s coming out just in time for summer. Rumor is that they’ll have a ton of different colorways. And you could say they have a YEEZY feel... but to be honest, I like this way better. Hot take, but I find the YEEZY brand completely overrated.

It will be interesting to see the comfort of these. Since the common conception is that YEEZY slides are one of the more comfortable ones on the market.


Dior, along with Kim Jones, made a serious splash when they launched their Beach Capsule about a month back for the summer season. And it’s one of my favorite releases to date. Accentuating the classic Dior look, with cool and beachy colorways, my wallet screams in agony whenever I look at this collection.

soiree dior

soiree dior

An item that’s on my list is the Dior H-Town Sandal (above). And you’ll notice that sandals have trended to a more complex, fabricated, futuristic look.

If these are out of your price range... don’t sweat it, sites like ASOS have copies on lock. And they won’t break the bank at all. I may go that route myself haha.

Baggy Trousers and Shorts

This should be nothing new to you. And the Y2K flex continues on into summer. It’s even making its way to summer shorts. Doesn’t look like slim fit is coming back soon, so you better strap on for oversize and baggy all the way this summer. Might have to throw your joggers out 🗑️

soiree trousers

soiree trousers

Crossbody Bags

For the warmer months, crossbody bags have always been clutch. Going to the beach, heading to a festival, a day party at the pool, and so on... you could never go wrong with having a few crossbody bags in your closet.

soiree crossbody bags

You could start at fanny packs, but with this materializing into a normal male accessory, there’s been a ton of new options that have come out.

Retro Sunglasses

I’ve shared this brand before, but FUTUREMOOD sunglasses have me starry-eyed. They tap into the retro so well. Unique colorways, styles, and really are a leader in men’s fashion trends that no one talks about.

soiree futuremood

soiree futuremood

If you’re looking to make a statement, this brand is for you.

Distressed Clothes

We all saw the uproar when Balenciaga released those distressed shoes, and with damn good reason. I feel like they’re just messing with us at this point. But they were sorta onto something. Distressed done right can be a vibe... and brands like Saint Michael are doing it.

soiree distressed clothes
Distressed to impress.

New Balance

OK. So New Balance has made a comeback. Quietly. I tell you this because all the neutral colors you’re seeing out there for the season started with who? That’s right... New Balance. They’ve got the gambit when it comes to new shoe releases, and honestly, they have every type of shoe you need this summer.

soiree new balance
Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060

If you don’t have New Balances in your closet you’re missing the F out.

Summer’s around y’all. And it feels like it’s going to be a good one. There’s no point in missing out on an opportunity to try a style you never have. Ya only got one life.

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